Department of Nephrology

This department is one of the core functions of the Hospital. It is aimed at providing high quality superspecialised services for inpatient and outpatients and conducting training and research. In the department all Nephrology care are offered including General Nephrology services and renal replacement therapy (dialysis and Kidney transplant). The Historical event that happened on 22nd March 2018 will never be forgotten where the first Kidney transplantation was successfully performed at our Hospital in collaboration with University of Dodoma, Tokushukai Medical group and Tokyo Women’s Medical University from Japan. The succession has brought new hopes to many patients suffering chronic kidney diseases who are on their End stage renal diseases. The Hospital will continue the program in collaboration with Japanese in order to build capacity to local experts.


There are inpatients, outpatient services and procedures such as Hemodialysis services and Kidney biopsies. In collaboration with Directorate of Surgical services especially the department of Urology and General surgery the department evaluate patients for Kidney transplantation and continue with care after kidney transplantation.

In the inpatients wide range of kidney diseases are treated for both paediatric and adult patients. The ward rounds are daily conducted but Monday and Friday are the major ward rounds where all doctors in the department including Nephrologists are involved and take lead of patient care.

Renal replacement therapy is the treatment offered to patients with Chronic Kidney diseases in their last stage ie ESRD. The treatment is ether given in terms of dialysis or Kidney transplantation. Kidney transplantation is the definitive treatment of patients with CKD but dialysis is palliative care while patients evaluated for kidney transplantation. Since our Hospital has started Kidney transplantation we hope the Ministry of Health will continue giving assistance for sustainable services to all patients suffering from CKD regardless of their socioeconomic diversities.

General outpatient services are on Tuesday and Thursday from 9.00AM to 3.00PM every week. Kidney transplant clinics are conducted on Wednesday and Friday. The transplant coordinator and the transplant social worker conduct family conferences for prospective kidney transplant candidates on Mondays. Every other week the Transplant Medical team review the preparation made by the coordinator and list the candidates to proceed with transplant laboratory work up.

Hemodialysis treatment offered to CKD and AKI based on National guideline of dialysis services. The therapy provides good relief to patient suffering from Kidney diseases both children above 10 years and adult patients. Both viral infected and non viral infected patients receive Hemodialysis services at our Hospital. Our goal is to provide best renal replacement countrywide and across the regions.