Directorate of Nursing Services

The Directorate is one among  the  Directorates at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital (BMH). The directorate comprises four departments namely

  1. Nursing and housekeeping services,
  2. Theatre and Central sterile supply Department,
  3. Social welfare and
  4. Catering services.

Its major role is the provision of quality nursing services at an optimal standard rendered to inpatients and outpatients across the hospital including Theatres and OPD clinics. Nurses play a primary role in the hospital, cares patients who are acutely ill with a wide variety of medical problems and diseases or who are recovering from surgery. They are the health care professionals who are coordinating care for patients 24/7. They are the advocates of the patients. Nurses play an integral role in the healthcare system referred as to the heart of healthcare.

Currently, the Directorate is serving about 160 – 250 admitted patients in various wards per month and 800-1200 outpatients and emergency patients. The Directorate has a total number of 48 nurses, whereby 36 are registered nurses; 12 are enrolled nurses. In addition, there are 2 social welfare officers and 9 Medical attendants (supporting staff).

The Directorate is managed by the Director of Nursing services (DNS) followed by the Heads of nursing Section, Operating Theatre complex and Central sterile Supply department, Social welfare and Catering services.

Under Heads of sections, there is ward managers/ Incharges then Nursing officers, Asst nursing Officers, Nurses and finally the Rank of Health Attendants and student Nurses.

Apart from having nursing staff who work directly in the wards, Theatre and outpatient department, the directorate also have other nurses who are working in the department of Anaesthesia (Nurse Anaesthetist), Cardiac Technologists and Health attendants working in Laundry.

Wards/Section under the Directorate

  • Medical wards
  • Surgical wards
  • Paediatric wards
  • Urology ward
  • Main ICU
  • Coronary Care Unit ( CCU)
  • Theatre Complex
  • Central sterile supply department (CSSD)
  • Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab).
  • Private wards & Executive wards.
  • Emergency department (EMD)
  • OPD clinics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Oncology
  • Dialysis section
  • Maternity services – Antenatal clinic, PMTCT, Post natal, RCH clinic.
  • Gynaecology ward
  • ENT ward
  • TB / Infectious ward.
  • Maxillofacial war

Cadre of nurses available in the directorate.

  1. Holder of Masters in assorted speciality.
  2. Degree holder – BsC in Nursing.
  3. Holders of Advanced Diploma in various speciality eg in Ophthalmology, Theatre Management, Dialysis and Cardiovascular.
  4. Diploma holder in Nursing.
  5. Nurse Anaesthetist.
  6. Enrolled Nurses.
  7. Social welfare staff.