Department of Theatre and Central sterile supply

Operating Theatres

Operating Theatre Department has many Theatre Suites; each suite consists of Anaesthetic room, Preparation Room, Scrub Room, disposal room and a large Operating Theatre all fully equipped with state of the art facilities
This department provides excellent surgical facilities for patients 24 hours a day. It employs in many staff across all theatres.

The operating theatres department pride themselves on delivering high quality of care in a clean and friendly environment, delivered by teams with a vast range of expertise, for each speciality. All members of the team understand that you may be anxious or nervous prior to an operation and will do all that they can to put the you at ease
Also Department provides

  1. General surgery,
  2. Emergency surgery,
  3. Minor surgery,
  4. Emergency Endoscopy,
  5. Vascular surgery,
  6. Special Needs Dental surgery,
  7. Pain Management Procedures, and
  8. Anaesthetic Procedures.

This is a twenty-four hour, seven-day week (247) service for Elective and Emergency surgery.

Central sterile supply

This department plays a big role across the hospital. It is responsible for preparing, processing and sterilizing all equipment, instruments and supplies used for different procedures including operations, dressing of wounds, and other sterile procedures at various service delivery points. It also offers services to private hospitals or institutions that need such services.