Directorate of Teaching, Research and Community medicine

This directorate has been established to oversee all teaching and research activities at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital (BMH) and also coordinating community medicine activities. The directorate is one among eight directorates that reports directly to the Executive Director (ED) according to current organization structure. It is entrusted to the responsibility of promoting, coordinating and monitoring all Teaching, research and community health care services conducted at the hospital and its periphery

The directorate have two departments:

  1. Teaching Section
  2. Community Medicine Section

Core Functions

This section is responsible for reviewing BMH research policy and make recommendation to the management; furthermore it is responsible for coordinating and monitoring research activities at BMH and ensures research findings are translated into quality improvement of clinical practice. The section also participate in activities of the zonal institutional review board (IRB) and make sure research are done following international accepted standards

Other Functions

The section is also responsible for establishing research links with local as well as international institutions, involved in seeking research funds and Establish and coordinate Medical Journal where research findings can be published furthermore, it develops and oversee budgets and policies and procedures for research and development. Encourage and stimulate BMH community to conduct research in order to a dream of establishing a research and publication center

Teaching Coordination

The unit is responsible for:

  • Coordination of teaching activities for both local and international students.
  • Receives process and approves applications for elective and internship, research for both local and foreign students.

Community medicine promotion

This section is responsible for:

  • Community diagnosis that is Identification of community health problems and needs.
  • Planning & implementing health care services.
  • Health care evaluation.

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