o There are two major groups of snake, poisonous and non poisonous o Poisonous snakes belong to three families on the basis of poison secreted

  1. Elapidae: Neurotoxic
  2. Viperidae:Haematotoxic
  3. Hydrophidae:Cytotoxic
  4. Columbidae


  1. A) Common Cobra / Nag or Kalsap or Naja naja B) King Cobra – Raj Nag or Naja hanna or Naja bangarus C) Krait : Subgrouped into :

a). Common krait or Bangarus caeruleus

b). Banded krait or Bangarus fasciatus

c). Coral snake

d). Tiger snake

e). Mambas

f). Death adder

Seen through out India, Burma, Srilanka
• Well marked hood
• Single (monocellate) or double spectacle mark

Monocellate Cobra

1. Common krait (Bungarus Caeruleus) Neurotoxin

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